Beach Season is Here!

Have you heard of the Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) in Lake Erie?  The HAB, caused by cyanobacteria, turns the lake to the color of pea-green soup.  The algae bloom can also beharmful to your health if you swim in or ingest the water.  Did you know that you can help prevent the HAB this summer?  The cyanobacteria feed off nutrients in the water.  The nutrients wash into the lake from fertilizer, sewage, pet waste, and yard waste.  Remember, anything that flows into a storm drain will flow directly to Lake Erie!  We all want nice beaches and clean water for swimming this summer, so do your part to keep nutrients out of Lake Erie and help prevent a HAB:

•     Properly dispose of any leaves, branches, and grass clippings.  Never dump yard waste at the banks of streams or in a storm drain.

•     The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the fall.  If you do fertilize, only use the necessary amount and apply it according to the instructions on the label. Sweep up any fertilizer that lands on the driveway, sidewalk, or roadway.

•     Ensure all your household wastewater plumbing is properly connected to your septic system or the sanitary sewer.

•     Pick up after your pets frequently and discard pet waste in the trash.

For more information on this recipe, call the Lake County Stormwater Management Department at (440) 350-5900.  Visit our website at and like us on Facebook!

Lake County Stormwater Management Article